Wind Ham child care is an independent and privately owned child care center. We, as the owners of Wind Ham, have vast experience in preschools. Wind Ham has a dream team that’s passionate about helping children for their future.

Apart from child care, we also provide learning for early development so your child can stand out. Visit our premises, and you’ll see happy children wandering, laughing, learning, and growing.

Children from various backgrounds come to Wind Ham to connect with each other. From selecting toys to gardening their favorite plants, freedom is what we give at Wind Ham. Children are happy in our day-care center as they feel like home. And what’s a better environment to grown in than a home?

Wind Ham facility creates a fun and safe environment for every child. We have chosen great tools for continuous and reliable learning for your children. Wind Hamd daycare center provides a beautiful setting where learning is fueled with enjoyment and amusement.

Our daycare center has provided a foundation for many children across Thailand. We cultivate their strengths, polish their personality, and blossom them with kindness. To us, Wind Ham isn’t a workplace but more like home where we are building the future.

The staff of Wind Ham is dedicated to helping children develop a good sense of self and the world around them. What makes us unique is that our children represent different countries, cultures, religions, and backgrounds.

Wind Ham only picks qualified and well-mannered teachers. We choose those people who know how to give love and care to every child in the classroom. Wind Ham is strictly against racism and discrimination, as we don’t want our future generation to see what the world is facing today.

We are always connected with the parents to update them about their child’s progress. From their strengths to weaknesses and their interests, our team note down everything and develop the child according to their nature.

Everything goes in vain if the teaching methods aren’t great. Our fantastic group of teachers uses international teaching standards to lead the innovators of tomorrow. Moreover, the teachers make use of extra-curricular activities, special classes, and interactive sessions so that your child stays ahead of the time.

Strong moral values are everything. Wind Ham child care encourages children to respect each other. We develop a sense of respect and regard in them for elders and other people in society. Wind Ham greatly focuses on motivating children to master the art of self-learning and choosing their own path.

Wind Ham child care aims to develop every child in a way that he or she enters the next stage of their lives with self-confidence & strong communication skills.

Early childhood is defined to be the best period for remarkable growth and brain development. Wind Ham surrounds your child with love, care, and top-notch learning habits to make their growth period serve them for their entire lives. From academic learning to mastering the lessons of life, your child will experience it all at Wind Ham child care.

A pleasant environment is waiting for you and your child. You can visit our premises to see what we are offering to your children. We would be more than happy to show you our home-like classes, surroundings, and more. 

You can ask us questions or enquire about any specific topic and will clear all the doubts in your mind and heart. Wind Ham is a family that keeps on adding members like you from all over Thailand so we can connect and create leaders for tomorrow. We are looking forward to meeting you and your child soon!