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Robin Davis Recieves Early Childhood Educator of the Year Award

Robin Davis of Timson Hill Preschool has been named the 2014 Early Childhood Educator of the Year.

After a career in culinary arts, Robin Davis had two children, her second of which was born with Down Syndrome. WRobin Davisorking with her daughter and her skilled early intervention team during her first 5 years of life inspired Robin to begin working with young children. "I got a rare opportunity to experience child development in slow motion, reveling in each minute step leading towards larger milestones," she said. In 2003, she began working at Timson Hill Preschool, first as a 1:1 for a child with special needs for two years, then as a classroom teacher.


Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Grant

President Barack Obama's early learning agenda has increased federal investments that strengthen early childhood education, care, and development for our nation's youngest learners.

Vermont was one of six states recently awarded a Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant. Vermont will receive $36,931,076 over the next four years. These funds will focus on ensuring that the foundation and walls of Vermont's early childhood "house" are solid and can support the rest of the early childhood system serving Vermont's children and families.

Continue reading to learn the progress that has been made to date, submitted by Aly Richards, Director of Special Projects and Intergovernmental Affairs Governor's Office.


The State of Child Care in Windham County Report & Key Findings

We are proud to announce the publication of our community needs assessment – The State of Child Care in Windham County – 2013. This report provides a picture of our regional child care system. Through surveys, personal interviews, community conversations, gathering and synthesizing data from various sources, we were able to create a point-in-time snapshot in a dynamic and ever-changing system of care. We are hopeful that readers will come away with many questions that as a community we can begin to explore. The child care system in Windham County can only be as strong and vibrant as the various individuals and programs that make up that system. This report should be viewed as the beginning of a conversation to further strength and support the families in our community and the optimal growth and development of our children.

The State of Child Care in Windham County 2013

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WCCA Key Findings 2014

Key Findings on the Accessibility of Care COLOR   B/W

Key Findings on Wages & Benefits COLOR   B/W

A Collective Vision for the Future  COLOR    B/W